Designed for users and resellers

Core features

Wide compatibility

M3U? Xtream? Bouquette?
Don't worry. IPTVEditor supports
all the most famous format
in input and output

Cloud computing tech

Your playlists always with you.
You can save up to 40 playlist
on our dedicated Cloud space

User friendly

No software to download, no compatibility issues.
All you need is your screen and an internet connection

Reseller panel

Manage your customers directly from IPTVEditor. Choose which groups to display, expire date and so on

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All your favourite playlist customized in one click

Say goodbye to the time wasted by manually linking logos and epg to your streams.

Automatic logo search

Search logos automatically from our dedicated logo database or search them through our advanced internet search method.

Automatic EPG search

Choose a country from our 50+ supported countries, select the groups you want to automatically assign the epg from your playlist and that's all

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Wide playlist format compatibility

You can import and export your favourite playlist in a lot of type of ways and all at the same time!

M3U is the most used format. All your playlist will have a dedicated short url you can use in your favourite player.

Fully supports to Xtream api, but it will also automatically generates VODs and series info.

IPTVEditor fully support enigma22 script for generating bouquette playlist.

IPTVEditor has a fully customized stalker MAG portal for your STB. It is totally free and based on username and password authentication.

Worldwide EPG service

We provide epg service for more than 50+ countries with more than 50000 EPG channels avaiable.
IPTVEditor EPG is customizable. You can choose to output as xml or .gzip, how many days of EPG you want and also create a customized dummy EPG.

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Affordable Pricing Plans

Free trial

2 days
  • Max playlist number1
  • Max channels2000
  • Max VODs1000
  • EPG Countries3
  • Customers per playlist3
  • Stalker Portal (MAG)FREE
  • IPTV Web PlayerFREE
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  • Max playlist number(up to) 40
  • Max channels
  • Max VODs
  • EPG Countries(up to) ∞
  • Customers per playlist(up to) ∞
  • Stalker Portal (MAG)FREE
  • IPTV Web PlayerFREE
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  • Max playlist number3
  • Max channels
  • Max VODs
  • EPG Countries0
  • Customers per playlist3
  • Stalker Portal (MAG)FREE
  • IPTV Web PlayerFREE
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