IPTVEditor can read sucessfully any iptv source. M3U and Xtream API are fully supported

You can use multiple playlist at the same time using the "Add additional playlist" feature.

It is possible to export the playlist using IPTV Url (M3U), Enigma2 Script, IPTVEditor Xtream API

Every playlist can be converted and exported as Xtream API.
IPTVEditor can generate VODs and TV Series info in realtime and in every language.

IPTVEditor fully supports channels, VOD and TV series and has a dedicated editor for all this type of streams.

Annoyed by loading a new page everytime you want to edit a channel? IPTVEditor is all what you need. All your channels, all your groups are on your screen in one page. Every change is saved in real time on IPTVEditor database.

Move your channels in your favourite position just by dragging them with your mouse

IPTVEditor has a lot of features to edit your playlist. Sort channels and groups alphabetically, remove country prefix, remove and replace unwanted words, change IPTV provider username and password for all channels and etc etc

IPTVEditor has a dedicated databased reserved to logos with more than 20000 different icons. Can't find a logo for your channel? Don't worry. IPTVEditor has a special mode to search logos online.

Your IPTVEditor subscription comes with an entire system dedicated to EPG and updated daily. All the epg are splitted by country so you can easy find channels you need. Choose to export playlist using xml or gzip, set a dummy EPG for channels without EPG data, set a max number of EPG days. As you can see there are a lot of customizations waiting for you!

Don't waste your time by searching manually logo or epg for channels. In just one click you can fill your entire playlist.

With IPTVEditor is possible to keep your playlist always updated thanks our advanced updater. You can choose to import all new channels or just import channels from a specific group, remove channels not used anymore by your provider etc etc

Reseller panel let you create a duplicated version of your playlist with different iptv provider data. Each customer playlist is automatically synched with your main playlist.

It is possible to backup all your playlist data, url, updater info and customers in one click and restore anytime.

General Info

IPTVEditor is M3U Editor.
No illegal action are committed by developing or using this tool.
The IPTVEditor developers and IPTVEditor don’t promote any use of illegal IPTV List.

Your playlist is private and only you can see it.

IPTVEditor subscription last 1 year

IPTVEditor is a web application. All runs directly on your browser, so there is no software to download.

IPTVEditor is a web application. There is no specific requirement.

EPG supports title and description data (description not available for all the epg id).


It is possible to migrate data from the old to the new version of the editor.

You can do that:

  1. Click on New playlist button in Playlist manager
  2. Select Migrate from IPTVEditor 2.0

  3. Select slot you want to import. It will be imported all data from your slot (also url and customers), except the remote updater data
  4. Click on Continue

Remember once you imported playlist on the new version of the editor, the playlist will be deleted from the old version.

Click on "new update source" to configure a new auto updater bot and configure the iptv provider source.

Then check the box "Enable updater for channels" if you want to configure the updater for channels.

  1. Sync all new groups and channels: IPTVEditor will import all the missing Channels.
    If your list has a group with the same name of your IPTV Provider, new Channels will be automatically imported in the same group name.
    If there isn’t a Group with that name IPTVEditor will automatically create a new Group.
  2. Automatic deleted channel not avaiable anymore: all channels discontinued by your provider (not avaiable anymore in your provider playlist) will be removed.
  3. Import provider epg id: If this option is checked the editor when the editor will import new channels it will be added also the epg, otherwise the epg field will be left empty. Check this box if you are using your provider epg as external epg source.
  4. Sync selected channels name: All names from channels marked with the option "Sync channels name" will be updated and synched with their original name . In channel editor it is possible to mark a channel with the option "Sync channels name". (useful if your provider add the event in the channel's name)
  5. Custom group auto sync: You can also choose which groups should be updated and how.

For VOD and TV Series configuration follow the same tutorial for channels.

Another way to update manually your list is using the “Channel Updater”.

Auto Updater configuration examples:
Imagine you have these Channels in your list:
Ch1 - Group:1
Ch2 - Group:A
Ch3 - Group:B
Ch4 - Group:C

In your provider list instead you have these new/updated channels:
Update1 - Group:1
Update2 - Group:2
Update3 - Group:3

If you select only Import All channels the result will be this:
Ch1 - Group:1
Update1 - Group:1
Ch2 - Group:A
Ch3 - Group:B
Ch4 - Group:C
Update2 - Group:2
Update3 - Group:3

If you don't select Import All channels and you set that channels from group "3" must go in group "A". The result will be that:
Ch1 - Group:1
Ch2 - Group:A
Update3 - Group:A
Ch3 - Group:B
Ch4 - Group:C

If you select Import All channels and you set that channels from group "3" must go in group "A". The result will be that:
Ch1 - Group:1
Update1 - Group:1
Ch2 - Group:A
Update3 - Group:A
Ch3 - Group:B
Ch4 - Group:C
Update2 - Group:2

If a line is expired or your provider changed your username and password is not really required to create a new playlist.

  1. Load your playlist
  2. Go in advanced editor
  3. Expand "Url editor (xtream)"
  4. Load your provider, replace your username and password with the new one
  5. Click on go

The editor will update all your channels url and data for your playlist and your customers.
If you are using Xtream Api in your Auto Updater configuration also this will update, otherwise it suggested to check again your configuration

Reseller panel let you create a template (a duplicated version) of your playlist with different iptv provider data. Each customer playlist is automatically synched with your main playlist. 

  1. Click on Create new customer and write a name
  2. Change expiry date
  3. Select Channels groups, Vod groups, Series TV groups you want to show on your customer list. Default is all setted to 0, so your customer won't be able to see any group and any channel.
  4. Customize provider data. After that press on the blue button Save loaded provider config
  5. Click on green button Save to save all the info

You can retrieve all your customer info by pressing on Show info.
If you check the Hidden provider box iptveditor will mask iptv provider info using iptveditor data
For example from http://demo.com/user/pass/1.ts -> http://api.iptveditor.com/aaa/bbb/1

You can change each customer VOD's and TV Series's language by clicking on the language button   (near show info).

Here you can find a tutorial on youtube:


  • Added option "show info as Xtream api " in reseller panel
  • Added option to "Shift server time" in "Change Xtream API settings"
  • Fixed bug with series in stalker portal playing wrong series

  • Added reset catchup in advanced editor
  • Added support to date and hours in reseller panel
  • Fixed bug additional playlist sending error "server is down"
  • Fixed bug catchup not working properly
  • Fixed bug duplicate playlist not duplicating properly remote updater info
  • Fixed bug in "tmdb logo search" for tv series showing movie image instead of series
  • Fixed bug in reseller panel showing customer limit reached when deleting a customer (only on unlimited customers subscriptions)
  • Fixed bug restore and backup playlist caused by the new playlist system update
  • Fixed bug restore playlist failing when an username was already taken
  • Fixed bug timeshift not working due to latest playlist system update

  • Added support to following playlist's type: watch, token and auth
  • Updated advanced editor with support to new playlists format
  • Updated reseller panel with support to new playlists format
  • Improved compatibility with some browsers (reduced "server is down" error rate)
  • Fixed rare bug causing customers getting overwritten in reseller panel
  • Fixed duplicated series. Editor will detect duplicated episodes and automatically remove them

  • Added Stalker Portal (MAG)

  • Fixed bug switching from reseller panel to channel editor showing error "can't load playlist"
  • Fixed bug epg shift not saving number < 0
  • Fixed bug advanced editor not saving changes for tv series
  • Improved channel sorting, now it is case insensitive
  • Improved tv series editor: now changes will be propagated also to episodes

  • Added setting for customizing IPTVEditor xtream api username and password for playlist and customers
  • Fixed bug deleting tv series
  • Readded "Hide provider info" in Reseller panel
  • Fixed minor graphic issues

  • Fixed bug EPG Shift not shifting properly epg in the xml file
  • Fixed bug auto updater not saving manual tv series configuration
  • Fixed bug auto updater importing new channels without importing group name

  • Added in Advanced Editor -> "Remove country prefix" option to automatically remove all prefixes (without typing them manually each time)
  • Fixed bug in "recycle bin": "empty bin" was removing only the first entry on the database
  • Improved EPG & logo search: editor can now detect and skip automatically most common prefixes (as it:, us )

  • Added in Reseller Panel: customers auto-sync expiry date (click on "Save loaded provider config")
  • Added in Advanced Editor: option to remove useless/wrong xtream api from xtream api list

  • Added Auto Updater option to remove permanently streams not available anymore. Recommended if you provider disable and enable channels temporally.
  • Fixed Reseller panel: on unlimited subscriptions, new customer's button disappears after creating a customer

  • Fixed bug remote updater messing up VOD groups custom order
  • Fixed bug in Channel number preventing save changes using automatic mode
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Improved browser compatibility

  • Fixed bug EPG editor showing epg id with less days when there are multiple epg id for the same channel
  • Fixed bug logo editor not saving in some case vod logos with automatic search tmdb
  • Improved EPG sync, now the editor will check multiple times before removing an epg from your account
  • Improved EPG search with a new algorithm for Usa locale

  • Added url editor for stream and logo
  • Added recycle bin removal date (to help you find when a channel is deleted)
  • Fixed bug in backup (it restored deleted groups as not deleted)
  • Improved auto updater to increase compatibility with channels with different port
  • Improved manual updater to increase compatibility with channels with different port
  • Improved iptveditor xtream api streams
  • Replaced 3 logo search with 6 logo one

  • Added xtream api settings in reseller panel
  • Fix minor bug tv series using xtream api not loading episodes
  • Improved support for touchscreen
  • Minor graphic improvements (replaced scrollbar)
  • Updated logos database

  • Added option to move customers from a playlist to another
  • Added option to change Xtream API max connection (dummy text) and message. It will be applied also to customers
  • Added in Auto updater option to show more detailed logs (as list of new added/deleted channels)
  • Fixed bug EPG shift get deleted random
  • Fixed bug tooltip get stuck when changing menu
  • Fixed bug group names disappears when switching from a menu to another
  • Fixed bug url editor removing customers data
  • Fixed bug backup not restoring properly auto updater data
  • Replaced "Change Xtream language" with "Change Xtream settings"

  • Added option to use xtream api vod info from the provider
  • Fixed bug merge groups deleting selected groups
  • Fixed bug merge groups not updating groups count
  • Fixed bug group editor sending as error message "server offline" when deleting groups
  • Fixed bug reorder channels not showing changes in the website
  • Fixed bug auto update showing some channels/groups together updater config
  • Fixed bug reseller panel showing
  • 1 instead of unlimited
  • Fixed bug reseller panel showing some channels/groups together customers

  • Added automatic selection of new created customers
  • Added sorting in reseller panel (by name or expiry date). By default it is sorted by last added
  • Added filtering in reseller panel
  • Fixed bug create new channel
  • Fixed bug create new group
  • Fixed bug reseller menu not updating number of customers after a deletion
  • Fixed bug in Changing API info language not saving changes
  • Fixed bug in auto updater not updating catchup for existing playlist
  • Fixed bug in restore backup not restoring properly customer and auto updater configuration
  • Improved compatibilty Xtream api on some players mixing vods and channels
  • Improved url editor. Now it will edit channels, vods and series at the same time
  • Improved rows dragging in group editor and channel reorder

  • Fixed bug reseller menu not saving customers series
  • Fixed bug xtream api series not showing properly episodes

  • Fixed bug auto updater for provider with port 80
  • Fixed bug advanced editor Stream format changer
  • Fixed bug selecting all epg countries
  • Fixed bug not loading all epg channels in manual epg search
  • Fixed minor bug in xtream api for tv series
  • Fixed minor bug in auto updater configurator

  • Improved error managing when adding new playlist (no more server down error)
  • Improved error managing when adding external epg (no more server down error)
  • Improved TMDB logo search

  • Fixed bug auto channel renumber
  • Fixed bug loading additional playlist
  • Fixed bug in logo editor not saving edits in channels name
  • New customers will have all groups enabled by default
  • New customers will have expiry date set 1 year later from date of creation by default
  • Improved remove country prefix

  • Fixed bug advanced editor -> url editor
  • Fixed bug auto updater not updating properly names and deleting channels
  • Fixed bug duplicate playlist mixing UI elements
  • Fixed bug duplicate playlist not copying tv series
  • Fixed bug manual updater not detecting properly duplicated channels

  • Fixed bug auto updater "not updating" anymore
  • Fixed bug migrate from 2.0 not working due to 3rd December update
  • Other minor stability updates

  • Added support to tvg-id
  • Added full playlist backup and restore
  • Added customer export as csv (don't open with office because it doesn't support csv. Use some csv reader online)
  • Fixed xtream api not showing for movie
  • Fixed bug in saving menu when choosing groups to import
  • Fixed bug in iptveditor proxy system for auto updater
  • Fixed bug in advanced editor for vod
  • Fixed bug in reseller menu showing always IPTV hidden when opening the info panel
  • Fixed bug xtream api customers with /live/ channels format
  • Fixed bug in xtream api for tv series not showing all episodes
  • Fixed bug move on top
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Minor improvements in multiselect
  • Temporally removed mag portal. It will come later with a dedicated version

  • Added Catchup (you need to add playlist using xtream api or setup the auto updater with xtream api)
  • Fixed bug recycle bin not updating removed channels (client side)
  • Fixed bug mag portal login customers
  • Minor graphic improvements

  • Released Mag portal (beta)
  • Fix bug auto logo search internet mode
  • Fix bug auto logo search with override turned on
  • Fix bug create new channel
  • Fix bug loading vod in editor
  • Fix bug xtream api showing group name as channel name

  • Fixed bug auto epg search
  • Fixed bug epg shift downshift (server side)
  • Added autosave when checking the "Sync channel's name" or "Hide channel" box (both channel and group editor)
  • Minor graphic and ux improvements

  • Improved manual epg loading
  • Minor bug fix

  • Added 2000 new logos
  • Improved epg assignment
  • Fixed bug switching from "channel without epg" to "channel with epg"

  • Fixed bug in sort all channels
  • Fixed bug in sort all channels from a group
  • Fixed bug xtream api

  • Added limit epg days
  • Added option to customize epg days and format on the go (click on gear icon next epg url). Valid also for customers
  • Fixed bug merge groups
  • Improved height of group selection

IPTVEditor rewritten from zero. So, it is faster and more stable
Remember it is a beta, so there could be glitches or bugs to fix.

  • Added support to xtream api (input and output)
  • Improved loading time of the list
  • Added expand and collapse group
  • Added explanation tooltips
  • Added option to create new group and channels directly without changing menu
  • Added option to resize, move and hide column
  • Added warning message when making irreversibile changes (like deleting channels)
  • Added keyboard shortcut (DEL will delete selected channels, ESC will close message, ENTER will confirm message)
  • Added new logo database
  • Added new epg system
  • Improved search
  • Improved saving, every change is saved automatically (no need to press on upload on server)
  • Improved settings saving
  • Removed force https url. Just replace "https" with "http". This will improve compatibility with some players or panel
  • Removed redirection. The short url will automatically show the data without redirecting to iptveditor long url. This will improve compatibility with some players or panel
[Playlist manager (old saving menu)]
  • New interface, more optimized and easy to use
  • Added change Xtream API info language (for vod and series)
  • Added Duplicate playlist
[Group editor]
  • Added "All live channels"
  • Added "All disabled channels"
  • Added duplicate group
  • Added "Empty group" (remove all channels inside the group without deleting the group)
[Logo editor]
  • Added new logos in iptveditor logo database
  • Added speed option (Low and high) with iptveditor auto logo assign
[EPG system]
  • Subscription won't have anymore default epg source, but a max number of epg countries selectable. For example, a 15€ subscription will have 10 epg countries. You can choose and change which epg countries anytime. External epg doesn't count as selectable epg country. So you can select 10 epg countries and add (for example) 5 external epg source. The external epg source will be integrated with the editor epg. So you don't have to use more epg urls. If you can't add an epg source or facing issues with the loading you can PM the url to me and I will add it on your account.
  • EPG Shift. Xtream api doesn't support epg shift from the playlist, so the shift is integrated inside the epg xml
[EPG editor]
  • Added support to decimal epg shift (remember it works in hour. So 30 minutes is 0.5)
  • Added option to load from iptveditor only epg with more than 24h programmes
[Advanced editor]
  • Replace remove word support both standard and regex mode. Added option to write a manual regex expression
[Manual channel updater]
  • Added automatic configurator
  • Added support for no-xtream api provider
  • Added option to import logo and/or epg
[Basic vod editor]
  • Added disabled vod
[Vod group editor]
  • Added "All disabled vods"
[Manual vod updater]
  • Added vod updater (same as channel one)
[Reseller panel]
  • Added search customers
  • Added expiry date
  • Added selectable groups
  • Added selectable vod groups
  • Added change xtream api language for each customer
  • Added hidden provider mode (this will mask all provider url with an iptveditor one)
[Auto updater]
  • Added support for no-xtream api provider
  • Added log for each updater, so you can check how many channels and vods the updater added and when.
  • Added "Run now", it will force the auto updating process for selected updater source

Released IPTVEditor v1

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